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The Pioneers of Contracted ARFF Services

We are the largest independent Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting service provider in the U.S. and have been servicing airports since 1974.

Safety, Service,
Efficiency, Excellence

We are proud of our 40 years plus of superior performance, sustained by a professional staff and a clearly defined set of core values, code of conduct and mission statement.

Maintain a Consistent State of Operational Readiness

Our personnel are NFPA standards certified ensuring your airport has a professional highly trained aircraft rescue fire fighting department.

Aircraft Rescue Firefighting

We provide FAR Part 139 ARFF and Emergency Response services to numerous commercial airports and airparks across North America. We are the largest and most experienced independent aircraft rescue fire fighting firm in the country.

Airport ARFF Training

Each of our ARFF training courses can be delivered at your location on a schedule that best fits your operations. Courses are delivered by experienced ARFF officers using lesson plans that are compliant with applicable FAA Advisory Circulars and National Fire Protection Association standards.

Airport ARFF Management

At Pro-Tec Fire Services, a private company, safety starts with planning. A strategic plan is designed to manage rescue, fire, and medical responses. Each ARFF unit is commanded by a chief officer who works directly with local airport management.


Highest quality ARFF service at the best value price.



First and most experienced ARFF services team.



Greater flexibility & improved personnel cooperation.


Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting Training

  • Initial and Recurrent Part 139 Training

    Pro-Tec offers an Initial and Recurrent Training Course designed to meet initial and recurrent training requirements of FAR Part 139 and Advisory Circular 150/5210-17B. Training includes all classroom and practical exercises required to meet set standards.

  • Triennial Exercises

    Pro-Tec can also assist in the planning and implementation of all phases of your FAR Part 139 required aircraft rescue fire fighting triennial exercise. Our personnel will contribute first-hand knowledge and expertise that we have developed over 45 years of successful operations.

  • Airport Self-Inspection Program Training

    This course is designed to train airport staff to conduct airfield inspections in accordance with Part 139.327 and Advisory Circular 150/5200-18C. The course is 24 hours in length; includes classroom and field training on the inspections outlined in the Advisory Circular.

  • Fuel Farm Inspection Training

    The Fuel Farm and Mobile Fueler Inspection course meets the requirements of Part 130.321 and NFPA standard 407. The course is 16 hours in length; includes classroom and field training on the refueling vehicles and fuel farms located at your airport.

ARFF Management

Our ARFF Management Team will supervise, analyze and evaluate all ARFF and fire fighting activities to ensure a consistent state of operational readiness. We will assist all of the proper authorities in planning improvements and help identify and execute value-added services such as inspections, airport emergeny plans and periodic reviews.

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