ARFF Training

Providing You with Essential Airport Firefighter Training

The staff at Pro-Tec are ready to report to duty after completing their extensive training done in-house. Our training courses are implemented through classic classroom teaching and hand-ons practical training.

All required ARFF training is dictated by the Federal Aviation Regulations (Part 139). In addition, operational guidelines are created for other tasks that are performed for the customer. The written guidelines indicate what type of training needs to be done and how often training should take place.


Initial Training FAR Part 139 Compliance Training

  • Aircraft Familiarization
  • Rescue and Firefighting Personal Safety
  • Emergency Communications Systems on the Airport, Including Fire Alarms
  • Use of Fire Hoses, Nozzles, Turrets, and Other Appliances
  • Applications of Extinguishing Agents
  • Emergency Aircraft Evacuation Assistance
  • Firefighting Operations
  • Adapting and Using Structural rescue and Firefighting Equipment for Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting
  • Aircraft Cargo Hazards
  • Familiarization with Firefighters’ Duties under the Airport Emergency Plan
  • Dangerous Goods
> NFPA 1003 Compliant > Hands on Training > Training Records and Certificates Available > Live Fire Training

Fuel Farm Inspection Training

  • FAA Approved Course
  • Covers FAA Part 139.321 and NFPA 407 Requirements
  • Hands on Training

Airport Self Inspection Training

  • Meets Requirements of 139.327
  • Covers all Parts of AC 150/5200-19C
  • Hands on Training

We're always prepared for the sudden airport emergency.