Professional Contracted ARFF Services

Keep your runway safe with the pioneers of contracted ARFF Services. As the largest independent aircraft rescue fire fighting service in the U.S., we understand the importance of maintaining a consistent state of operational readiness at your airport or airfield.

Pro-Tec Fire Services offers innovative aircraft rescue training and management (meeting FAA and NFPA standards) to the entire North American region. Our highly skilled personnel are instilled with a clear defined set of core values of safety, service, efficiency and excellence that are vital to superior firefighting performance.

As our family of contracted firefighters continues grows, our common goal of protecting and serving stays the same. If your airport is need of qualified contracted fire fighting services, please call 1-800-242-6352 or fill out our contact form today.

Our Services

Aircraft Rescue

We provide FAR Part 139 ARFF and Emergency Response services to numerous commercial airports and airparks across North America. We are the largest and most experienced independent aircraft rescue fire fighting firm in the country.
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Airport ARFF

Each of our ARFF training courses can be delivered at your location on a schedule that best fits your operations. Courses are delivered by experienced ARFF officers using lesson plans that are compliant with applicable FAA Advisory Circulars and National Fire Protection Association standards.
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Airport ARFF

At Pro-Tec Fire Services, a private company, safety starts with planning. A strategic plan is designed to manage rescue, fire, and medical responses. Each ARFF unit is commanded by a chief officer who works directly with local airport management.
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Benefits of Pro-Tec Firefighting Services

  • Highest quality ARFF service at the best value price.

    We offer affordable and superior ARFF solutions that keep airports operating safely and smoothly.

  • First and most experienced ARFF services team.

    From our knowledgable ARFF management team to our dedicated crew members, we are prepared to protect through extensive training.

  • Greater flexibility & improved personnel cooperation.

    Our teamwork initiative ensures that proper protocol is established without disruption.

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Pro-Tec Fire Services
Pro-Tec Fire Services
On 12/5/2021 @ 1650, the Rogue Valley International Airport Fire Department Medford ARFF (Engineer Zigenis and Captain Incerty) responded to an Alert 3 for a Piper Navajo PA31 that crashed into a nearby Chevrolet dealership shortly after taking off from Medford Airport. 2 explosions were heard and felt from the station about 1/2 mile away. Truck 80 responded and arrived 1st on scene. A quick turret attack was started for about 1 dozen vehicles on fire as well as aircraft wreckage. After 3000 gallons of water/foam were dispensed, Truck 80 was anchored into a hydrant and continued assistance with the hose reel.

Pictures show Truck 80 after emptying the first tank, Captain Incerty on a handline and views from the main road.

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Pro-Tec Fire Services
Pro-Tec Fire Services
Pro-Tec and President, Bill Hershman, featured in Insight Magazine, a local business magazine where the Pro-Tec corporate office is located. This publication comes shortly after our office move from Green Bay to Appleton to be more centrally located in the valley.

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Pro-Tec Fire Services
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Pro-Tec Fire Services
Pro-Tec Fire Services
Stennis International Airport is the cornerstone of Mississippi's aerospace industry, where the world's second largest cargo plane delivers air plane engines for testing at facilities in NASA's Stennis Space Center.
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