Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting

Protecting Airfields of all sizes

From on-board medical emergencies to aircraft fires, you can count on Pro-Tec ARFF units to respond to any call with the up-most proficiency and agility. Each member of our personnel (both at corporate and local levels) are required to complete training that meets FAA and NFPA standards.

Our professional ARFF teams are hardworking and eager to stay on top of the latest rescue technology to assure all emergencies are handled with complete ease. Keeping a highly-trained staff on the airfield gives pilots, customers and all personnel peace of mind.

If you're looking to equip your airfield with top-notch aircraft rescue services, contact us today!

An ARFF Management Formula that works

Our successful firefighters are made possible in part by our knowledgable and swift moving management teams. Pro-Tec management are always ready to:

  • Supervise, analyze and evaluate all ARFF / fire fighting activities
  • Ensure a consistent state of operational readiness
  • Assist all proper authorities in planning improvements

Highly Skilled ARFF Personnel

Our personnel is recruited locally and nationally with many who have have prior military fire fighting and emergency rescue experience. All fire fighters and officers are certified to NFPA standards for their position through State, IFSAC or Pro-Board certification programs, ensuring our clients have a professional highly trained ARFF department.

Our recurrent training ensures every staff member is fully compliant with FAA, State, and National Consensus training requirements. Staff members have the opportunity to attend local, regional, state, and national fire fighting conferences and certification training seminars further expanding their knowledge and networking base.

During formal staff assistance inspections we will check for compliance with federal regulatory requirements and each and every item specified in the contract. These in-depth inspections help to identify areas of improvement and performance excellence.

We are the leaders in ARFF Services.