Incident at Belen

At approximately 12:30 on Friday 7/17/2020, a Beech Aircraft N45JT crashed and ran off the run way due to main failure. Belen ARFF was off duty at the time, which called for Belen Fire Department to respond, at that time the Chief of Belen FD advised Fire Chief Garcia of what happened. At 13:00, Belen ARFF came on duty and took over the scene. There was no imminent danger to the Firefighters or properties around, but the airport manager closed the Belen Regional Airport due to the incident. The pilot refused to be checked out by medical personnel.

At Approx. 1445 the FAA had cleared the scene for Belen ARFF to work on the aircraft. ARFF crews then started to use pneumatic tools to lift the aircraft and chalk underneath on each side until the wheels were out and were stable enough to hold the weight of the aircraft. ARFF crews tied off the tail of the aircraft, lifting the front of the aircraft to get the front main down. Belen FD was able to come and assist with locking the mains of the aircraft. All crews followed the tug back to the parking ramp, secured the plane to the deck, and handing the aircraft back over to it’s owner. At approx 15:58 all crews were cleared. ARFF crews rehabbed the trucks to be in the ready position and debriefing was completed.