GRB Triennial Exercise


It was a very good day of training for our department.  We had our members working on the fireground, EMS ground, Command (Unified Command), and working in the EOC.

Fireground consisted of 3 mutual aid departments (Hobart FD, Lawrence FD, Ledgeview FD) bringing out their Engines and Tenders.  Porta tanks were dropped and water shuttle operations took place to keep one ARFF truck full of water while we continued to flow water out of it to simulate reignition of multiple fires.

EMS consisted of working with Ashwaubenon Rescue in the triage of passengers/patients.

Unified Command was two of our Captains working with Ashwaubenon Public Safety, Brown County Sheriff’s Department, the Airlines (Delta, Envoy, UGE, Frontier), and Airport Administration.

EOC operation was conducted by one Captain and one Lieutenant working with multiple agencies as well as the Airport Director.

It was another case of our multi purpose department getting training in multiple locations.  I am proud of the work they did!

Chet Bruette, GRB Airport Fire Chief