Employee of 4th Quarter 2020

Pro-Tec’s Employee of the 4th Quarter award goes to Paramedic/Firefighter Rudy Cataldo and Deputy Fire Chief John VanderEcken, both at Des Moines International Airport.

On Wednesday evening of October 14th, President Trump held a rally on the airport tarmac for an estimated 15,000 people.  Des Moines ARFF Personnel Rudy and John were doing EMS stand-by when they observed a middle-aged male in line start seizing.  His seizing quickly turned into cardiac arrest.  Rudy and John’s rapid response to initiate CPR, apply and AED, and administer two shocks, allowed them to obtain Return of Spontaneous Circulation (ROSC).  The patient was talking to them as he was loaded into the ambulance. 

Rudy received a private message via Facebook from the brother of the patient.  “I want to thank you with all of my heart!  Last night you and John saved the life of my big brother and best friend!!!  I am eternally thankful!  He had bypass surgery today and is expected to make a full recovery!!!  GOD truly has used you in a manner I don’t think you will ever understand!!!  You are a hero!!!  I pray GOD blesses you and John and your families always!!!  I can not put into works how much of a hero you guys are to me!!!  I must meet you both and I’m sure my brother will wish to when he is well. He is a pretty recent grandpa who’s grandkids adore him!  What you have done for my family is the greatest gift one could give or receive!!!  I look forward to meeting you one day and I will keep you and John and your families in my prayers always!!!  I know I don’t know you but I love you man!!  Thank you thank you!”