Employee of 3rd Quarter 2020

Captain Jordan Hamm is Pro-Tec’s Employee of the 3rd Quarter 2020 from Calgary, Alberta for his work and commitment put towards their annual ARFF vehicle testing.

ARFF at Calgary took on the task of conducting all ARFF vehicle testing as a value-added service for the airport. The airport has purchased a No-Foam testing trailer approximately five years ago to help reduce cost and environmental impact to the annual ARFF vehicle testing. The No-Foam trailer had never been used to conduct vehicle testing since it arrived at the airport.

Armed with only the owner’s manual and his determination, Capt. Hamm, with the help of his crew, took on the challenge of figuring out the No-Foam trailer without any previous knowledge of the system, the trailer, or how it interacted with the ARFF vehicles. Through what seemed to be never-ending research and practice, he was able to implement a procedure along with the creation of documentation to capture the results. Capt. Hamm and his crew were also able to pinpoint some vehicle and trailer deficiencies through practice and conducting trail-test with the trailer and various ARFF vehicles. His communication, attention to detail, and work with the Airport’s maintenance staff was extremely professional and noteworthy which resulted in a positive, successful outcome to the project.

The documentation Capt. Hamm created was extensive and instrumental to the success of the ARFF vehicle testing. He was able to develop and formulate multiple complex spreadsheets that would automatically graph the results of the test as values were being entered into the spreadsheet. This documentation is currently utilized to create the mandated Transport Canada documentation and will be utilized from here on out at the Fire Station.

Capt. Hamm also worked extra long hours to train 23 other Pro-Tec staff as well as multiple airport staff on the use of the trailer and how to document the results. Capt. Hamm put in countless extra hours into this undertaking to see it to a successful end. In doing this work, Capt. Hamm captured the attention of the Calgary Airport Authority’s General Manager of Emergency Response Services who noticed and acknowledged the tremendous effort Capt. Hamm put into this project to help it succeed. His effort ultimately saved the Airport Authority close to $45,000 in vehicle testing cost.

Capt. Hamm’s hard work, dedication, and problem-solving ability resulted in the Airport Authority’s ability to conduct foam testing in a manner that is safe for the environment and our staff as it eliminated unnecessary exposure to PFAS.