Crash Alarm at Saskatoon

June 08, 2021 PA 23 Piper Aztec, YXE – Crash Alarm went off at approximately 0932 (local time). Tower informed Aircraft down just off runway 09 and taxiway Bravo and requested Red 1 to proceed to site.

Lt. Shand declared situation Charlie and contacted Saskatoon Fire Department on route. On arrival aircraft was east of taxiway Bravo on the edge of the runway. All passengers had self evacuated and there was no smoke or fire. Although a small fuel leak was noticed under the starboard wing.

Chief House exited Red 1 and did a walk around of the aircraft and then talked to the pilot. The Pilot confirmed that the engines, fuel, and master batteries were shut off and informed ARFF that the incident happened on take off. 

SFD was called off at this time. ARFF established contact with DM Erin Hunt and Eric Desnoyers and applied absorb all to the starboard underwing fuel leak with an extinguisher on standby. No other agents were used.

After scene was declared in recovery mode, Lt. Shand contacted SOC at approximately 0950 and notified of situation Indy. ARFF was on standby until the Aircraft was removed from the RW and then Red 1 followed the Aircraft for standby until it was off the tow truck and back at the hanger. Red 1 cleared the scene and was back at the hall at approx. 1345.

Report By Lieutenant Frank Shand