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Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting

At Pro-Tec Fire Services, a private company, safety starts with planning. A strategic plan is designed to manage rescue, fire, and medical responses. Each ARFF unit is commanded by a chief officer who works directly with local airport management.

Pro-Tec's management approach consists of a Fire Chief, or a Senior Fire Official, at the local level, and a Corporate Fire Chief at the corporate level. Our chief officers are certified to State and NFPA Standard 1021, Standard for Fire Officer Professional Qualifications,including Incident Management Training required by HSPD-5.

Our chief officers report directly to the client ensuring the highest level of customer service and immediate response to customer requests.

The Corporate Fire Chief provides overall contract supervision, logistical, and technical support to the chief officers at each of our contract locations.

Our ARFF Management Team will:

  • Supervise, analyze and evaluate all ARFF / fire fighting activities
  • Ensure a consistent state of operational readiness
  • Assist all proper authorities in planning improvements

During formal staff assistance inspections we will check for compliance with federal regulatory requirements and each and every item specified in the contract. These in-depth inspections help to identify areas of improvement and performance excellence.

Personnel are recruited locally and nationally, many who have military fire fighting and emergency rescue experience. All fire fighters and officers are certified to NFPA standards for their position through State, IFSAC or Pro-Board certification programs, ensuring our clients have a professional highly trained ARFF department.

Our recurrent training ensures every staff member is fully compliant with FAA, State, and National Consensus training requirements.  Staff members have the opportunity to attend local, regional, state, and national fire fighting conferences and certification training seminars further expanding their knowledge and networking base.